Epic Triage Board

Always do the most important first, clarity in the prioritization, provide comparability and make decisions faster …

…focusing yourself on the essentials!

Each day projects and their containing tasks need to be prioritized. The decision may turn out wrong when there is no tool for the direct comparison. Regarding to the trend of steady changes in the requirements the only help is an overview with comparable values for all projects!

Epic Sum Up supports custom fields, which can be for example story points, business value or other values which can serve as a comparison value. Based on these values, a board can be created in which the Agile Cards are displayed with the custom field – either in the form as a progress bar or as a numerical value. The right decision of the prioritization can be make by using the dynamic display. Through subsequent changes and new prioritization the board allows a clear prioritzation, if a unique comparsion value is maintained.

Kanaban Board