Support contract

For a support contract, it is important to have all the data collected in order to be able to write a billing at the end of a contract.

With Epic Sum Up the data of all related issues is getting summed up and displayed in detail. Next to this detailed display Epic Sum Up offers you a progress bar, on which you can see, how much time you still have left within your support contingent.


  • Quick overview of your contingents
  • Issues are assigned to contingents
  • Simple sum up of time
  • Quick evaluation of your time contingent
  • Display of all logged worktime within your contingents
  • Easy export of the worked time in specific periods (f.e. in pdf)


  1. Create new new container called contract
  2. Below that, create another container, that displays the yearly contingent
    1. Set the contingent scope
  3. Create your support tickets within the contingent container
  4. Let the timesheet display the logged times
  5. Create a new contingent container at contract extension

Contract overview

Detailed view of contingent

Budget overview