Vacation planning

Simple planning of the vacation, identification of labor deficits, little organization effort through the automated process and also a transparent documentation of vacation requests …

… so that the head remains free in the vacation!

The duty of employees must be controlled and planned. The organizational effort for vacation planning increases greatly by a large number of employees. Here is an effective alternative.

Individually for each employee an epic should be created. The vacation entitlement (in hours or days) is maintained in the Time Budget in the epic. The employee can plan his vacation days with the epic, in which he creates issues and maintains his leave entitlement (in hours or days) in the original estimate. So, the progress bar shows whether the planned vacation is over or below the entitlement (Time Budget). On the day of the vacation, the vacation can be logged as working time, whereby the used vacation will be displayed in the progress bar. These process can be specified to the requirments by a custom workflow.

Vacation Planning